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DigitalFish 2019 - Present

Google 2012-2013

Pixar 2006-2008


Experimenting with AR skits and stories with DigitalFish, 2019-2020:

Caveat: these are not final animation--they're only colored boards or colored rough animation.

 "Frog Lifeguard"

© Doug Sweetland / DigitalFish All rights reserved.


Windy Day (2013)


Director Jan Pinkava invited me to look at an early prototype for a VR experience on your phone. What followed was an incredible brainstorm that laid the groundwork for the first Google Spotlight Story, a short I pitched called Windy Day. Mark Oftedal and I boarded it ROUGH (below). I cut it on iMovie with sound effects I "Police Academied" on my iPhone. Humble beginnings, to be sure. Nonetheless, creators like Glen Keane, Patrick Osborne, Jorge Gutierrez, Chromosphere, Shannon Tindle, Justin Lin, Gorillaz, The Simpsons and Aardman would all follow suit with their own episodes in the brilliant series.

© Google All rights reserved.


Writer/Story, Pixar 2006-2008

Presto (2008)

Presto was the first story I pitched. Aside from student work and a stint on The Incredibles, I was new to story development and owe a debt of gratitude not only to Presto's crew, but to the steadfast mentorship of Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, and John Lasseter. 

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