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Pixar, Presto (2008)

© Pixar All rights reserved.

The reaction to Presto has been amazing. For years I've fielded compliments--including that it's used for study in story classes--that go to everyone on the show. Newsweek even went out of its way to give it a shout-out, here. Not a typical reception for a short film.

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Warner Brothers, Storks (2016)

The reaction to Storks has also been amazing, but mostly because Stevie Nicks spent a good chunk of her New Yorker profile talking about it. Storks is a rare thing--a highly improvised animated movie--that never quite found its audience. UNLESS YOU ARE STEVIE NICKS. I mean, you gotta read this! Full article here!

© Warner Bros. All rights reserved.


McDonald's Commercial (1998)

© McDonald's. All rights reserved.

Deep cutz! If we're being technical, this is my first directing gig. If you get hungry, sorry not sorry!

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