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A lighthearted moment with Storks triple-threat, Nick Stoller


Why read highlights silently when you could rap 'em into some hardcore braggadocio?


Step 1: Play the drum track, below.

Step 2: Recite Doug's credentials.

Step 3: Hire Doug.

And a one, two...

Doug started animating at Pixar on Toy Story at age 19. A student film of his is in the MOMA's permanent collection.


He's won back-to-back Annies, has been nominated for an Oscar, and was even caricatured in MAD. Sigh.


Oh! At least one dude has a tattoo from Presto, another has a tattoo from Storks, and someone made a Halloween costume of Doug from the Pixar documentary. That's like 16 to 17 minutes of fame. Sorry, Andy!

Doug is like a Luddite from the future. His car's got a tape deck, but he crashed CG early and was awarded a patent for his work with Google VR. Where is his AR stuff going, and is it secretly old-fashioned?

He's given seminars, lectures, and workshops to festival-goers, students, and studios in Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, Italy, France, Chile, and of course, all over Great America (country, not theme park). Doug is a lucky guy. :)

Bonus points if you said "smiley face".

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